Terms and Conditions

Use of our website and/or booking is an agreement to our terms and conditions.

Condition of your vehicle

Your vehicle may be refused for transport so please fully disclose all information..

All vehicles must be drivable and running, and have working hand & foot brakes, steering and wheels, working battery. All the windows, screen’s and body panels intact with no major body damage. Photos may be required for damaged vehicles before confirmation of transport will be given. Extra fees and transport charges will apply for vehicles booked as drivable and running but are not drivable when picked up or dropped off, they may also be refused for transport.

Unless lowered ground clearance measurement is supplied and agreed to in writing, all quotes are for vehicles where the lowest point of the vehicle is no less than 15cm, if lower please provide height measurements for a re quote.

Dimensions of your vehicle

Unless dimensions have been provided, quotes are given are for vehicles that do not exceed 2.1m in height, 5m in length or 2m in width, you must provide dimensions for vehicles outside this range, remember even bull bars – roof racks and tow bard may exceed these parameters. For standard sedans, hatch, utes we normally do not require measurements. Boats, caravans, trailers and most commercial vehicles we do require full length width and height including all attachments.

Payments and Cancellations

Payment must be made at the time of booking and can be paid by bank deposit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) card fee applies. Payment cannot be made at the depot or upon collection of the vehicle; cash payments cannot be accepted. Depot’s are for loading and unloading only.

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to 15% of the total price, depending on circumstances of cancellation.

If transport is canceled after our carrier has received or collected vehicle, there may be additional costs involved. Rail transport you have paid for space on the train and are not refundable 48 hours prior to transport.

Damage and Insurance

Where the carrier provides loading & unloading insurance, transit insurance or any other you’re booking agent is not liable for excess or fees.

Further information on what insurance does and does not cover can be obtained on our website or contacting our national call center, PH: 08 8395 0966.

No carriers insurance covers weather damage or other forces of nature, disaster events, mechanical damage, acts of war, acts of god, or general wear & tear. We do recommend that you have full and current all risk insurance on your vehicle at all times.

Transit Times and Delays

We provide reliable and accurate information regarding transit times, to the best of our ability. All transit times given are estimates only and are not and cannot be guaranteed. They are based on business days. Delays will occur due to seasonal demand, acts of nature, truck issues, railway delays and other unforeseen circumstances.

Quotes Valid

We try to honor all quotes for 7 days, however as some prices are only available for limited amount of time or as fuel charges change. Specials and back loads are only available until sold and must be paid by credit card to secure them.

Auction house p/ups

We require all the information in regards to these types of transport. Buyer number, bidder number, lot number and release number. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure we can secure p/up delays and futile charges may apply. Be sure you know your vehicle can meet our transport requirements as above.

Goods in vehicles:

Special quotes are required for goods in vehicles and are not a standard quote. All vehicles with agreed goods inside will only be accepted for transport upon written acceptance by ACR and/or the carrier. Nil/no insurance cover is given for the vehicle and/or the goods inside; customers need to arrange their own insurance cover. Cars with goods inside do take longer to transport due to added security and availability of trucks that can transport them.


Depots are open 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday only. Please note depots are loading and unloading only and can not accept bookings and payments. Vehicles are not allocated to a scheduled load until received at the depot. For this reason we do not supply depot addresses until the vehicle is booked and due to the fact in some locations we have multiple depots and once booked the computer will advise us the depot to use.



Transport terms and conditions.

Please click on the link below to view the terms and conditions of your transport supplier.

Ceva car carriers: http://www.cevacarcarrying.com.au/terms-of-service/

Patrick: http://www.patrickautocare.com.au/PAC%20Standard%20Terms.pdf

Rax Transport: http://www.raxtransport.com.au/terms_conditions

Prix Car Transport: http://www.prixcartransport.com.au/vehicle-transport-terms-conditions/



The laws of South Australia apply to the contract and you must bring any proceedings against us in a South Australian Court.

  1. We are not a common carrier, do not accept any liability as a common carrier and may refuse to provide services to you or a vehicle for any reason.
  2. We rely on the details supplied by you to us but we do not admit their accuracy or completeness and our signature on the contract or vehicle condition report is only an acknowledgement that we have picked up or received the vehicle.
  3. Our services commence when we, or our agent, pick up or accept the vehicle, and we earn our charges then.
  4. We contract as agent and trustee for our employees, agents and subcontractors so they also have the benefit of the contract and these conditions (including any exclusions or limitations of liability we have) to the same extent as us and as if they were parties to it.
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