Self Storage Containers

ACR Australia can provide for sale or hire a wide range of self storage containers and storage and transport solutions. ACR provides a wide range of services and not containers alone, peruse our pages and find out more about us.

Shipping containers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and ACR Australia stocks them all. No matter what your container needs are we can supply them to you from one container to 1,000 new used hire or sale.

Containers are used for a wide range of uses from storage & transport to site offices. holiday homes, sheds, we can make a whole town out of containers with plumbing toilets, showers, heating and cooling. Containers can be modified for any need.

Shipping Containers are an effective and safe way to store and transport your furniture and goods at your leisure. You can save money by loading your container yourself then store it on your own property saving on rental costs and Transport fees. Hire and sale, prices for containers are quite reasonable and transport locally and interstate is cost effective. Safety of your goods is assured as only the most desperate thieves would take the time and effort to break into one of these highly secure containers.

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